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Artificial Thatch

Inspired by nature......it achieves a visual impact of almost equal calibre as natural thatch and yet it is safe and lasts for a great many years......

Artificial stalks of thatch are manufactured from soft PVC on modern extruders and welded thermally into shingles. The natural look is the result of manufacturing the stalks in different lengths and with varying coloration.

Any roofer will be able to lay artificial thatch shingles. They are applied to a boarded roof structure that is covered with roofing felt and sheeting, using the customary shingle-laying method.

Tightly overlapping shingles and the varying lengths of the stalks produce the impression of a continuous roof surface.

Benefits of Artificial Thatch (ARTTM Thatch):-

  • Does not burn. It is resistance to thermal radiation and flying sparks has been tested and classified in Germany as hard roofing according to German standards (DIN 4102 Part 7)
  • Optimum insulation. It provides optimum weather protection and acts like an insulation layer, guaranteeing a pleasant, cosy temperature inside the house
  • Durable. It is made to withstand the elements for several decades, requires little maintenance, and does not rot or act as a breeding-ground for moss, algae or mould. It retains its intrinsic colour, there are no pronounced differences in colour if the roof is subsequently extended or modified
  • Simple to lay. It can be laid on roofs with a pitch of 30º upwards. Even skylights and guttering can be easily incorporated
  • Can be fitted around any shape of roof, whether it is arched, rounded or curved, artificial thatch shingles are versatile and can be fitted around any shape of roof by means of heating

Standard Shingle Size: 50 x 25cm / 20 x 10 inch

Standard Shingles required per square metre: 18 pieces (at an overlap of 18cm).
Weight per square metre: 8 kg (at an overlap of 18cm).
Securing method: Nails, rivets, screws.
Wind test: Wind-tunnel tested to 200km/h.

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